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Trade Compliance

Optimize your supply chain, ensure compliance and reduce risk.

Trade Compliance Services


Risk Assessment

  • Gap analysis to identify risk

  • Identify savings opportunities

  • Measure compliance rates

  • Implementable action plan

  • Risk-based resource allocation



  • Tailored compliance strategy

  • Roadmap and timeline

  • Targeting best practices

  • Global, risk-based approach

  • Measurable results


Compliance Manual

  • Incoterms practices

  • Free Trade Agreements

  • Classification & valuation

  • Country of origin

  • Recordkeeping


Duty Mitigation

  • Incoterm optimization

  • Sourcing & country of origin

  • USMCA & other FTA’s

  • FTA compliance analysis

  • Duty drawback


Train Your Team

  • Trade compliance 101

  • Import & export trainings

  • Incoterms & FTA’s

  • Classification & valuation

  • Customizable & LMS-ready

Risk Assessment

The first step toward optimizing your Customs compliance is understanding the particular risks for your company and any existing gaps. We will perform a comprehensive risk analysis and provide an action plan that enables you to improve processes, save money, enhance compliance and reduce risk. By analyzing your operation, we'll help you identify savings opportunities and better understand how to focus your company's fixed resources where they'll make the greatest impact on your bottom line. Having visibility and control over Customs compliance operations allows you to showcase the value you add to the organization. 



Knowing where you want to be tomorrow allows you to make changes today to meet those objectives. 
We can help structure that blueprint with a clear roadmap and timeline.
 By incorporating decades of compliance experience and expertise, we can help you create a customized, global, risk-based plan based on industry best practices that delivers measurable results.


Compliance Manual

Centipid's compliance manual will help guide your organization toward global Customs compliance best practices. It covers all U.S. CBP required elements including Incoterms, free trade agreements, classification, valuation, country of origin, recordkeeping, broker management and export compliance. Whether you have an existing manual that needs updating or lack the CBP-required written procedures, reach out to Centipid today to get started. 

Duty Mitigation

There are many ways to compliantly reduce costs. Understanding Incoterms, for example, allows a company to make better choices when negotiating with suppliers and clients. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can be heavily impacted by trade compliance regulations. Understanding and leveraging those global regulations to your advantage allows your company to achieve lower TCO. Free Trade Agreements, for example, can be a competitive advantage when identified, understood and managed compliantly. Centipid's experts will work closely with your team to ensure the lowest possible, compliant TCO, backed up by strong compliance documentation, policies and procedures. 


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