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Centipid has been a partner of Aptar for nearly 3 decades. Their professionalism and expertise make them a valuable asset to navigate the complex transportation market. They provide flexible service and solutions at affordable costs, which meet our business needs. Isabelle and her team are always there when we need them.

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Philippe Robert

Vice President, Group Purchasing

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For 15 years, Centipid has efficiently supported our CTPAT program. Their knowledge and experience make a rather complex process easier to manage for us. Isabelle and her team are very accommodating to our needs and always willing to go the extra mile in order to keep our CTPAT program running smoothly.

Carlos Romano

Director of Distribution Operations, Global Logistics and Customs

We have been very pleased with the services and support provided by Centipid on our CTPAT program development.  They have helped us prepare to have successful re-validations at several of our sites. 


Centipid provided us with CTPAT and Compliance training videos for our LMS system.  This made training all of our staff and sites painless!

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Glenys Teixeira

Director of Trade Compliance & Transportation

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Centipid worked with us from the beginning delivering exceptional service and support.  Centipid deployed all the resources and proactively contributed their expertise to improve our supply chain.

Sergio Lage

Director Global Supply Chain

We have used Centipid to assist with CTPAT preparation, validation and maintenance over the past few years. The Centipid team is extremely knowledgeable and thorough in this space. Their extensive planning, guidance and coordination with our factories proved to be successful.

Sundra Glennon

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Director International Logistics

Hoffmann Quality Tools USA, Inc.

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Centipid was very helpful in getting our C-TPAT certification.  Isabelle and the Centipid team were extremely knowledgeable and made sure we had everything in place to receive the certification.  We were given a strict time limit to get things done quickly, and Centipid went above and beyond to make sure we completed everything by the deadline.  Isabelle is a true professional and I look forward to growing a partnership with her and the Centipid team.  Thank you!

Devin Wilson


Isabelle and I have worked together on consulting customers on supply chain compliance topics. Her in-depth experience with C-TPAT and other certifications was a major asset in achieving successful projects.

Tobias Larsson 

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DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation

Vice President | Head of Resilience360 

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256 Post Road East, Suite 201 
Westport, CT 06880

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