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Build an ESG program that resonates with your employees, customers and investors.

Environmental, Social, Governance


Sustainability Strategy


Carbon Footprint

  • Tailored, goal-driven strategy

  • Map the supply chain

  • Set the baseline

  • Develop a roadmap

  • Set measurable milestones

  • Identify your footprint

  • Measurement tools

  • KPI management

  • Supplier management

  • Reporting


Forced Labor

  • Map your supply chain

  • Tracing

  • Tech solutions

  • Business partner agreements

  • Policies & Procedures




Train Your Team

  • Tech solutions

  • Business partner agreements

  • Business partner audit 

  • Recordkeeping

  • Mock audit

  • Forced Labor

  • Sustainability

  • Customizable

  • LMS-ready

  • English and Spanish

Sustainability Strategy  

Reducing your carbon footprint while staying competitive can be challenging. Having a strategy in place with a clear roadmap will allow you to achieve your sustainability goals and exhibit milestone achievements along the way. Reach out to Centipid to get started today.

Carbon Footprint

Understanding your carbon footprint is the first step toward achieving your company's sustainability goals. While Scope 1 and 2 emissions may be easier to quantify, Scope 3 can be more challenging. Information from multiple third-party sources must be standardized so a base line can be set and metrics tracked to ensure your company's sustainability objectives are being met. Centipid's team can help set practical, measurable goals, gather data from your Scope 3 providers, standardize the data and track results to ensure your company makes real, measurable progress on its journey to a more sustainable supply chain.

Forced Labor

Enforcement of Forced Labor prevention measures has increased in recent years, making it mission critical for companies to protect their brand reputation, employees and customers from this global crime. Every importer should have strong business partner vetting practices, social compliance policies and supply chain mapping procedures in place that prevent the use of forced labor. Centipid will help your company create and implement a strategy that contains the CBP-required elements to ensure compliance.


While you may know your company's Tier I suppliers well, it can be challenging to have that level of visibility and control over the "suppliers of your supplier" (Tier II and Tier III suppliers). That's where Centipid can help. We'll incorporate automated solutions to help you fill that gap, leveraging the latest technology to give better visibility into your supply chain. Paired with best practice processes and policies, you'll have a written practice in place to meet U.S. CBP compliance requirements and a better understanding of your business partners as you regularly vet their forced labor compliance.

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