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Trade Compliance Solutions

​Trade Compliance

International trade has become fundamental to supply chains. When importing and exporting there is an array of variables that need to be taken into account to ensure a compliant and dependable flow of goods. Several requirements managed by separate government agencies must be met. Failure to comply may result in delays, fines and even criminal penalties. Centipid will work with you to ensure full compliance of your international trade process and an efficient flow of goods between countries.

Duty Optimization


​In an ever changing trade environment managing global trade costs is essential. Trade wars and Brexit can negatively impact your TCO. Centipid will analyze the impact of these changes and provide solutions:



​Centipid will  train your organization on topics that impact your international supply chain:


  • Incoterms 2020

  • HTS Classification

  • Free Trade Agreements

  • Brexit

  • Trade Wars (Sec 301, 232)

  • Trade Compliance

  • Transportation Negotiation

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